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David McCart - Piedmont Turf Farm

David McCart of Piedmont Turf Farm is "tickled it survived" the coldest spring in recent history. "It singed it a bit, but not as bad as the 419 bermuda, which essentially

went dormant again.

"Common centipede won't really grow in our area. We planted the TifBlair late during hot, dry conditions, but seedling vigor was such that it still got established. During the fall it definitely stayed green longer than the bermuda and zoysia, even though the stand was still thin. It all came back during the spring, whereas a lot of the common centipede in the state didn't."

TifBlair Certification

cert_smallTifBlair has been exclusively licensed to The Turfgrass Group, Inc (TTG) and its sublicensees for sod production. Along with the Georgia Seed Development Commission, TTG is responsible for overseeing the propagation and sale of TifBlair [Read More]

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A Testimonial From...

Clark Wooten - Tri State Turf

One of the North Carolina producers who has worked with TifBlair is Clarke Wooten of Tri-State Turf in Newton Grove. He's noticed distinct

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New TifBlair Logo


As we transition to our new green and yellow logo (at left) you may still see the blue TifBlair logo (at right).  The TifBlair Certified Centipede seed and sod are the same.  The logo is the only difference