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TifBlair Seed Sources for Professionals

Commercial TifBlair certified centipede seed production for wholesale and retail trade is exclusively by Patten Seed Company. The Turfgrass Group is the exclusive source for seed for sod production.

Local TifBlair Seed Dealers

TifBlair seed is available through thousands of local locations in cities and towns throughout the U.S. Seed dealers and lawn and garden centers from Maryland to Texas. When you are ready to start your TifBlair seed lawn project this weekend visit a local retailer near you.  To find a local TifBlair seed dealer use this link - TifBlair local seed dealer locator.

TifBlair Seed Online

TifBlair seed is available for purchase online through Patten Seed Company and other large retail lawn and garden centers who sell their products online.  TifBlair seed may be purchased in 1 lb, 5 lb and 25 lb bags from Patten Seed Company, Lakeland, GA through this link - Buy TifBlair Seed Online.

TifBlair seed is available in convenient 1 lb and 5lb bags retail bags.  One pound of TifBlair centipede seed covers approximately 2000 to 4000 square feet.  A larger 25 lb bag of TifBlair seed is available for sale online for larger projects.

TifBlair Seed for Sod Production

TifBlair seed for sod production is available from The Turfgrass Group exclusively to growers licensed to produce TifBlair sod.  TifBlair certified centipede is patented and licensed exclusively to The Turfgrass Group, Inc. and its sublicensees for sod production. To inquire about purchasing TifBlair seed for sod production or to become a licensed TifBlair sod grower please use this The Turfgrass Group contact form.

Unauthorized propagation is strictly prohibited and is a violation of federal law.

TifBlair Certification

cert_smallTifBlair has been exclusively licensed to The Turfgrass Group, Inc (TTG) and its sublicensees for sod production. Along with the Georgia Seed Development Commission, TTG is responsible for overseeing the propagation and sale of TifBlair [Read More]

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