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Licensed producers deliver TifBlair sod to parts or all of AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX and VA.

TifBlair Sod Growers
TifBlair Seed

TifBlair certified centipede seed is available from Patten Seed Company and thousands of local stores.

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TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass should be your next choice for a showcase, low maintenance lawn application.  TifBlair centipede is perfect for applications involving home landscaping, roadside remediation,commercial lawns, erosion control and more.  Available as sod and seed, you get the only certified centipedegrass - TifBlair - perfect for your budget and application. more on TifBlair Advantages

Developed Especially For Low pH Soils

Common centipede's poor rooting characteristics have limited it to sites with good soil and water availability. TifBlair, on the other hand, is an ideal choice for construction sites with eroded, low pH soils such as those routinely found in the southeastern coastal plains, piedmont and mountain regions. The chart below clearly demonstrates TifBlair's ability for aggressive growth in both low and high pH soils.

Improved Plant Vigor Shortens Grow-In Time

On-farm comparisons of TifBlair and common centipede have shown that TifBlair grown from seed establishes more rapidly and with greater consistency than common centipede. This translates into a big advantage for homeowners and landscape professionals alike. Everybody benefits from shorter grow-in times, fewer weed problems and denser turf stands. And that's the beauty of certified TifBlair centipede.

Adapts Remarkably Well To Dry Conditions

With the volatile weather patterns, water shortages and outright water bans of the last few years, no wonder landscape professionals are looking for grasses with improved drought tolerance. TifBlair's unique deep-rooting system gives it the ability to produce superior turf even in poor quality soils and under persistent day-in day-out dry conditions.

Cold Hardy Enough For Northern Climates

One of the biggest advantages of TifBlair over common centipede and St. Augustine grass is its improved cold tolerance. Tests conducted over 3 winters at Stillwater, OK and Blairsville, GA, demonstrated that TifBlair can survive prolonged severe winter temperatures. This is good news if you're looking for an aggressive, low-maintenance turf that will do well on highway roadsides or commercial and residential lawns in the more northerly regions.

Exceptional Late Season Color And Quality

In tests conducted in Alabama, Oklahoma and Georgia, TifBlair had equal or better turf quality than the other tested centipede varieties. The fact is, TifBlair produces more stolons with more leaves more quickly than common centipede. While TifBlair's winter dormant color is similar to common centipede, its late season color retention is far superior to common centipede and a point better than both Oaklawn and Tenn Hardy.

TifBlair for Turfgrass Professionals

Airport Administrators, Highway Department Managers
and Landscape Professionals

Selecting the right grass variety is always a challenge. Highway right-of-ways, airports and many construction sites have poor soils and difficult growing conditions. While bermudagrass and zoysia certainly do well in many environments, centipede turf offers many additional advantages. It is a slow growing, medium-to-coarse warm season perennial grass which produces a dense, attractive, weed-free turf.

TifBlair is easy to recommend.

  • TifBlair requires less care and maintenance
  • TifBlair spreads quickly, but is easy to control around flower beds, walkways, runways and highway medians
  • TifBlair greens up earlier and stays green longer
NC-roadside7Compared to other grasses, centipede requires less care, less mowing and less fertilizer, and is generally resistant to most insects and diseases. Centipede is also more shade tolerant than bermudagrass, and since it produces only surface runners, it’s more easily controlled around flower beds, walkways, airport runways and highway medians. The fact is, most of the common centipedes have very poor rooting characteristics, which makes them less than ideal for difficult sites and colder climates. Certified TifBlair was bred to overcome these problems. As research from Georgia to Oklahoma has shown, it is exceptionally cold tolerant, has impressive fall color retention, and develops a deep root system even in poor growing conditions. Additionally, as the one and only certified centipede, TifBlair can only be sold by a licensed grower. Every load of seed or sod will have the same high quality and pedigree. So specify TifBlair for your next job. TifBlair makes a beautiful, low-maintenance turf, ideal for roadsides and commercial/residential landscaping.

TifBlair Certification

cert_smallTifBlair has been exclusively licensed to The Turfgrass Group, Inc (TTG) and its sublicensees for sod production. Along with the Georgia Seed Development Commission, TTG is responsible for overseeing the propagation and sale of TifBlair [Read More]

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